Third Party Reviews

Rick Neal | November 09, 2018 |

"I've never been really thrilled with my haircut here, but I've never been hugely disappointed either. Their saving grace is they usually get you seated in a reasonable amount of time. Price is kinda high."

Dave B. | August 19, 2012 |

"Awesome place for guys. Get a hair cut while watching sports center. The staff is very friendly. The MVP is outstanding (hair cut, hot face towel, shampoo & scalp massage, shoulder massage. I PRE pay for 6 & it costs only $17 per (plus tip) cut. Highly recommended spot. Oh, their website says they open @11 on Sundays....they open @10am. Updated 8/10/2016: Theresa is the best. I always call ahead and ask for her but I have no issues with the other stylists if I'm in dire need and she's off. I find it funny though, the bad reviews here are a lot about walk in versus call ahead or an unnamed particular stylist. First of all, it's unfair to the other stylist who are great like Theresa & Vicky because of one bad apple. Stand up and call them out versus bashing the entire business. I saw ONE person name a stylist in a negative light while lots complained. And about the call ahead clients such as myself, I'm sorry I'm busy and organized. The business clearly allows calling ahead as a policy. If it bothers you so much, get organized and call ahead yourself. Gees, how is that even a valid reason to give a 1 star review? Because they were busy??? There is nothing wrong with this business. I've been a loyal customer for YEARS. They truly have some outstanding stylist here. Instead of complaining, I recommend calling ahead and asking for your favorite stylist!"

Gary Daniel | October 18, 2018 |

"This place is the best. Haircut scalp massage and great people."

Avalos Sanabria | October 03, 2018 |

"I love it jessie does such great work and i love how she leaves my hairstyle,the place is so comterable the chairs,the hair washing,and shoulder massage great place @sportclips"

Seven E. | September 10, 2018 |

"This place sucks it's not a barbershop I found out the hard way ...thats what I get for being stupid....this broad Vanessa cut my hair she didn't have no common courtesy she has no customer relationship she just drive her body across the floor lazy as hell I strongly recommend you do not come here the owners are cool but this lady has no business cutting men's hair"

Jose G | August 20, 2018 |

"Been going here for years now. Love the attention they take on you."

Daniel T. | February 03, 2017 |

"I came in to get a hair cut, I had never been here before. The barber/haircutting lady, was very kind and asked what I wanted I said a skin fade, hair cut went on fine, got home and my girlfriend was shocked to see how horrible it looked, one side was obviously higher than the other, the fade had a harsh uneven line on the sides of my head, I went back in and a different women fixed it up perfectly, I'm just glad they corrected it. I would go here again but just would not receive a hair cut from the same women again, also 19 dollars was a steep price, normally I pay 20 anyways because a hair cut is normally about 15 and I tip an extra 5, but I could not afford a tip here."

John C. | June 20, 2018 |

"The concept is nice, but here in Oxnard it's pretty hit or miss on who you get for a decent cut. Often times I feel rushed through and the hair cut is ok at best."

Jason E. | May 13, 2018 |

"Worst ran shop ever. I got up and left after waiting over half an hour watching my wait time (and position) change over and over again as new clients would come in that were clearly familiar with the staff. My time started out at 24 minutes with 3 people behind me who suddenly went from 48 minutes to "on deck". Never wasting my time here again."

Miguel Ledesma | May 03, 2018 |

"This is my first and last time that I go. They are careful with barber AMY.AMY DOES NOT KNOW TO CUT the HAIR"